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Welcome to Ensensor Insight, your strategic and commercial advisory partner that helps companies harness the power of their data to unlock new revenue streams and drive growth. We are a highly specialised firm with a proven track record of assisting businesses to monetise their data and sell it to a global audience.


Our team comprises seasoned experts with over 20 years of experience in international information services and technology firms, bringing global expertise to the international and Danish markets. With a foundation of leadership positions in sales, strategic business development, corporate and sales communication, product management, and strategic global partnerships, we are uniquely positioned to offer companies an end-to-end process from validation through implementation based on industry best practice methodologies.


At Ensensor Insight, we pride ourselves on transforming company data into a new high-growth revenue stream that can be internationalised via global data partners. We have extensive experience selling and integrating alternative data and insight to Fortune 500 companies and through strategic alliance partners globally. In addition, we have extensive experience working with world-leading industrial, information and technology companies, helping end-users make better and faster data-driven decisions that improve profits, decrease costs, are longer-lasting, and, therefore, are more sustainable.


As probably the first of its kind in Denmark, Ensensor Insight is passionate about enabling businesses to realise the full potential of their data, resulting in better decision-making, increased revenue, and sustained growth. Contact us today to learn how we can help you turn your data into a competitive advantage.

A message from The founder & CEO

Our story

I am fascinated by how digital transformation is turning yesterday’s companies into the technology and data companies of tomorrow, even if their core business originally had nothing to do with technology and data. This transformation, and its valuable bi-product, data, generate infinite amounts of new and alternative data. Much of this data tells important stories about the companies’ market and has historically been unavailable.

Companies must navigate an ever-complex world, constantly searching for new types of alternative data to help them solve the resulting complex problems with better and faster decisions. Those best at leveraging data-driven decisions will outperform their peers, often with double-digit growth rates. As a result, the global market for Alternative Data is, growing at an expected +20% annually through 2030.

For businesses generating vast amounts of data from their digitalised operations, this can represent a unique opportunity to monetise and sell these new company assets. With the proper strategic focus and development, this opportunity will expand as digitalisation generates an infinite amount of unique data across a company’s activities and business partners, which can be combined in unlimited ways uncovering new insights for the world to leverage.

I founded Ensensor Insight to help companies realise the full commercial potential of their data assets by creating new high-growth income streams and enabling users of this data to make even better decisions. We can support our clients through the transformational process of monetising and selling their data, including the implementation and governance required to be successful.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to discover your company’s data monetisation opportunities.

Yours sincerely,

Kristian I. Voss Sorensen 

E-Mail: kristian.sorensen@ensensorinsight.com

Partner Team

Rowland Barran

High Impact Sales Content &
Corporate Communication Expert

Rowland is a highly experienced communications expert, helping companies develop high-impact sales content and corporate communications to accelerate revenue generation for Fortune 500 and large multinational corporations. He brings over 20 years of international experience as an exec from leading advertising agencies and global corporations such as M&C Saatchi, Ogilvy and IHS. Rowland is based in London, UK.

Jørgen Krog Kaufmann

High Growth Sales Accelerator & Strategic Business Development Expert

Jorgen brings excellent experience helping large global corporations develop strategies and accelerate sales performance (direct and channel sales). He brings over 30 years of international experience as an exec from leading multinational corporations such as HP, IBM, IHS and Aveva. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies and international government institutions. Jorgen is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Kristian I. Voss Sorensen

Data Monetisation, Global Partnership &
Data-Driven Transformation Expert

Kristian has extensive international experience monetising alternative data, global partnerships and realising growth through data-driven transformational programs in sizeable global matrix organisations. His experience results from more than 20 years of working for the leading high-growth global information services company IHS Markit (today S&P Global), where he has held various international leadership positions. In addition, he has founded Ensensor Insight to help companies monetise their data from digitalisation to create a new high-growth income stream and enable better data-driven decisions for other stakeholders. Kristian is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Richard Veale

Global Senior Maritime & Trade Intelligence Expert

Richard is a leading industry expert in maritime and trade, having led the development of the maritime intelligence market globally for over 30 years for IHS Markit (now S&P Global). As a senior executive, he has led the development of sales channels into multinationals, government, military, and strategic alliances, globally. He has also worked with IHS´ strategic partners to assist with the implementation of trade-based compliance and anti-money laundering measures. He has lived and worked in Europe, APAC and the Americas and brings critical knowledge and expertise to the firm within the maritime intelligence sector.



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